AAUW Virginia Letter to Governor Youngkin

In response to a Washington Post article on June 15, 2022, that focused on the views of the current Virginia Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Colin Green, AAUW-VA has sent the following to Governor Youngkin:

Dear Governor Youngkin,
In the days just before our nation celebrates the federal holiday of Juneteenth, we learned that the Virginia Department of Health Commissioner, Dr. Colin Greene, has chosen to ignore the overwhelming evidence of the disparate impact of race on maternal and infant health in Virginia. In so doing, Dr. Greene discounts the voices of Virginia Department of Health experts who have studied this issue for years, many of whom speak from personal experience. AAUW of Virginia stands firmly for equity for all women, including women of color, and the right of all women to have access to quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare. 

AAUW-VA believes in the need to address structural and systemic racism, and to improve racial, ethnic and gender justice. We continue to advocate for equity in women’s health care, and support other organizations who are engaged in these efforts. 

We expect you to ensure that Virginia’s Health Commissioner is familiar with the conclusions of the extensive research that has been conducted concerning equity in health care. Virginia’s citizens deserve no less. 

The letter was signed by our Presidents, Leslie Tourigny and Suzanne Rothwell, and our Co-Vice-Presidents for Public Policy, Susan Burk and Denise Murden. Members are encouraged to contact their State delegate and senator to inform them of AAUW-VA’s position and ask for their support.

The Washington Post article can be found here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/06/15/racial-disparities-health-care-youngkin

Thank you for your continued advocacy in support of equity for women and girls.

Susan Burk and Denise Murden
Co-Vice Presidents for Public Policy
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